Extract From June, 2005 - Volume 5, Issue 9
"Good Morning Volleyball Lovers" Volleyball Superbowl XXXV
Naked Volleyball
  "Good morning volleyball lovers. All captains please report to the club house." That's what you'll hear at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning if you go to White Thorn Lodge's 35th. Annual Volleyball Superbowl this September. Always held on the week after Labor Day, this event attracts as many as 2,000 nude volleyball enthusiasts to Western Pennsylvania along the Ohio border. For the first 33 years this was a Thursday through Sunday event, but in 2004 it expanded to an all-week nude volleyball lover's dream come true. This year they are adding tennis to the Tuesday and Wednesday schedule. Several AANR affiliated clubs have pooled together with White Thorn to create what has become the nudist volleyball tour which starts with Lake Como Resort (Florida) in March and includes Ponderosa Nature Resort (Ontario) in June, Sunny Glades (Ontario) in July, and Four Seasons (Ontario) in August.

Nudist volleyball has a large following of regular participants which travel to these and other events throughout the country. Most of the clubs' members and volleyball enthusiasts manage the events. White Thorn Lodge's event is no exception; it is totally managed by volunteer club members. Members contribute to its success in one way or another. Loretta (see photo), is affectionally know as the "Parking Nazi" because she heads up a team of members that find parking and camping space for all the participants. Having parked folks for over 15 years she instantly knows where your friends and fellow club members are located. If you are new to the event she can find you a space in the middle of the action or on a member's lot where it will be less crowded.

In 1971, White Thorn Lodge members Betty and Wayne Alwine devised a plan to unite the East Coast and Midwest volleyball leagues for which they regularly played. White Thorn board members liked their idea, and added an extra volleyball court to accommodate a tournament. Seven teams played in the first few tournaments. Word of mouth spread, until as many as 90 teams, from throughout North America, began entering White Thorn's Volleyball Superbowl. This year the tournament will be played on 11 courts (2 sand, 4 blacktop, and 5 grass). New soccer style nets will replace the snow fence along the grass courts. Proffesional referees are employed for the event which includes all play levels from AA down to Novice. No AANR or USVBA memberships are needed. For a complete schedule and tournament flyer which includes directions to White Thorn you may access the Superbowl web site at, send email to, write to 383 State Line Road, Darlington, PA 16115-9635, or call (724) 846-5984.

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