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Setting is more than just putting a ball up in the air. In order for your team to have an effective offense you have to learn to place the ball exactly where your hitters expect it. Until you have mastered the art of backsetting you must turn and face toward the location you plan to send the ball. Face any other direction and you will be called for "hands" because you must carry the ball while it is in your hands in order to send it to the hitter. If you find that SunSet you can't get in position, you are better of using a bump set instead of a hand set. setting

In normal situations you can expect the pass to be directed to the area on the front line between the middle hitter and the right side hitter. While following the trajectory of the pass, move you body under the location that the ball will fall. When you are in position, take about a half step forward with your right foot. When you are underneath the ball, bend your knees and then push the ball towards the target. After releasing the ball, take a follow-through step towars your target with your left foot.

Here's a basic 8 step method to follow: (by Scott Hammond @

  1. Set up with your feet staggered and dominate foot forward
  2. Move to the ball
  3. Your shoulders should be square to your target, arms and legs bent with your weight on your toes
  4. Hands are placed above your forehead with the palms up
  5. Your hand should form a window with the thumbs forward and index fingers close to each other
  6. Contact the ball on the lower back side with fingers and thumbs and push up with your arms and legs
  7. Fully extend your arms and point your hands toward the target
  8. Transfer your weight towards the target and move in the direction of the set

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